Is Your HR Ready For Technologically Savvy And ‘Always-On’ Employees?

We live in an era of rapid innovation and dramatic change. We have all heard stories about companies who went bankrupt or have simply ceased to exist because they didn’t embrace innovation and new ways of doing things in their industries.




Today, people expect and even demand fast and efficient delivery of services. For example people are connecting on social media in real time, they are using Uber for transportation and have an ‘app’ for almost anything under the sun. The current phenomenon reminds me of a quote by Sean Parker in the movie Social Media he said, “We lived on farms, then we lived in cities and now we are going to live on the internet”. Young adults aged between 16 and 24 spend more than 27 hours a week online, that is a minimum of 3 hours a day or 1 minute in every 5.

This phenomenon is not just occurring in North America and Western Europe. Currently there are 386 million smartphones in Africa that are constantly connecting to the Internet and this figure is likely to double by 2020.

Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile Technologies and Social Media have changed the way your employees consume entertainment as well as how they shop, eat and live. These developments are reinventing almost every industry. HR departments throughout the world need to be operating in this highly technological environment or run the risk of losing their Talent or not being able to attract the right Talent into their organisation. Human Resources policy makers, HR mangers and HR practitioners need to start thinking about how the HR department can add value to the business. Questions such as:

·        Are you ready to serve your technologically savvy employees?

·        Can you deliver human resource services anywhere, anytime and on any device?

·        In this knowledge economy how can you help employees avoid cumbersome processes in order for employees to focus on their core job description?


Please leave your comment below on what HR departments can do to keep up with employees’ technological expectations?