How Can Millennials STAY Relevant In The Workplace?

Millennials - those born between 1980 and 2000 - are entering into the working world in droves. They are the first generation of Digital Natives – those born or brought up during the age of digital technology.




This generation demand and expect rapid change; economic disruption is not as scary for them as other generations. Most of them still live at home and do not have financials constraints which may force them to consider carefully before leaving a job without something already lined up. This group also has unique priorities and affinity towards work. Apart from the digital skills needed to grow in the workplace this article will outline other skills and methods millennials can apply in order to stay relevant in the workplace, LET’S GO…

1.     Continuous Learning

Did you know that 42% of University graduates never read a book after they graduate? Dear Millennial your degree, diploma or other qualification has got you in the door but you need to invest in on-going education in order to remain relevant in your job role.

As Alvin Toffler, the Futurist said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” In this knowledge economy you have no excuse to remain ignorant. There are plenty of channels you could use to learn, unlearn and relearn: many companies have online courses – take all of them if you can. If you are not a fan of reading there are audio books and podcast to listen to while you exercise or travel. offers free and cheap courses to do online. LinkedIn also has some fantastic courses to do for a price of a movie ticket, your choice entertainment or education? The world is changing at such a rapid rate that you cannot afford to remain in the same place. Do not be obsolete while there so much information out there. Disrupt or be disrupted is the new rule of work.


2.     Developing Communication Skills.

Reading, writing and speaking are skills that will give you a competitive advantage over your peers even in this social media era. 40% of your time will be spend reading and responding to emails, therefore reading faster and writing articulately will aid your ability to grow in your career. This is what Warren Buffet said about public speaking, “Imagine working on one skill this year that--once you improve on it--will raise your value by 50 percent. The one skill is public speaking.” I imagine that you want to be a prominent leader one day in your career which is excellent start working on your public speaking, writing and reading skills TODAY. The average CEO reads 3 books a month in order to stay relevant and move their organizations forward.


3.     Find a Career Mentor

Finding a career mentor will help you to shorten your learning curve. The learning curve which lies before you is huge, a mentor will help you to navigate it successfully. A mentor will help you to clarify your career goals, help you quickly learn things about your company that took him years to learn. Finding the right mentor can be difficult but keep looking. After you find him, he will probably be very busy if they are one of the top achievers in your company – Put a demand on their time by buying them lunch or offering to help them with an administrative task. Remember that the relationship between Mentor and Mentee is a two-way street.


You can remain relevant and competitive in the workplace if you continue to reinvent yourself through continuous learning, improving your communication skills and having a mentor to guide you in the corporate jungle. Please leave your comments below with other ideas Millennials can apply to remain relevant?